The Public Safety Sector can benefit from Membership by accessing discounts for employees, daily security information, and access to the sharing environment of the UAS ISAO.

Public Safety and other public sector associates can be invited to sit on advisory committees as needed, and to help develop training and certification that meets their needs, and to help round out other training needs in other areas.

You will also have access to the other ISAOs and ISACs within our network.

We will also help you find operators that fit your requirements and mission needs.

By working with government agencies, The UAS ISAO can help craft regulations, best practices, and help members to understand how regualtions affect them. By working with agencies such as FAA, FEMA, DOT, DHS, and others, the UAS ISAO can develop training and courseware, exercises, skills development, regulatory training, and pilot qualifiactions and certifications to help members operate in the UAS/UAV environment.